Papier Poudré is an iconic British cosmetics brand that has been making pocket-sized natural bamboo based powdered face blotting papers since 1903 when they were originally launched as a must-have new product in to London's beauty conscious high society.

The concept of the product goes back even further than Edwardian days. For many hundreds of years a version of the product was in regular use by Eastern women.

The papers come in transparent/neutral (White), cool-toned (Rose) and warm-toned (Rachel) and are suitable for oil control on all skin types, male and female, and are particularly effective on young skin and those with combination skin eg. oily t-zone.

Products come in compact store displays and are also available in attractive gift-packs of 3.

Papier Poudré is suitable for a range of stockists including vintage outlets, pharmacies, gift shops, makeup stores and beauty salons. Make-up artists will find the handy pocket size perfect for on-set bags, easily to hand for quick touch-ups on models and actors without the need to over-load the skin with excess anti-shine product or powder.

Booklets in Point of Sale Display

A compact display of Papier Poudré booklets in White, Rose and Rachel

65 sheets x 12

Booklets in Gift Pack

Attractive gift pack envelope containing 3 booklets of White, Rose, Rachel or mixed

65 sheets x 3