VHL stands for Vintage Hair Lounge

Miss Annie

VHL Distribution continues to be supported by Vintage Hair Lounge from where we originally evolved as a specialist vintage oriented beauty distributor. That means we can continue to draw on all our amazing creative and styling teams and continue to work with some of the best vintage performers and models in the UK.  We can offer in-house studio and location product and promotional photography alongside more traditional marketing means such as exhibitions, trade shows and events, print and social media coverage, and television and radio appearances. We also regularly collaborate with compatible brands for joint campaigns.

kiki de ville elizabeth taylor

We can therefore, offer the brands we work with a unique opportunity to develop  additional branding and promotional support specifically suited to the UK market and the UK vintage oriented audience that many more brands now seek to connect with in an authentic way.

For specialist brand positioning, it takes more than an unimaginative strategy to just sell more, to sell anywhere, to sell through any means if your goal is to build a brand that has authenticity and longevity, and retains strong retailer and customer loyalty. Successful brand positioning means really taking the time to build relationships with your customers. The old-fashioned approach. That’s us!

Images supplied of Miss Annie (top) and Kiki de Ville (middle) by Vintage Hair Lounge. Photography by Scott Chalmers.