The Beauty of Vintage

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As a specialist beauty distributor with a strong passion and commitment to all things vintage, VHL Distribution demonstrates there is perspective within the beauty industry that resists mainstream dominance and celebrates the time and place in beauty history when we can look back to the inspiration of the past and also look forwards to the innovations of tomorrow.

The beauty industry has come a long way. The vintage looks of the twentieth century we hold so dear to our hearts, were created by pioneering artists and product creators, but often with products and ingredients that we have massively improved upon in the twenty first century. Now we look for exceptional performance, natural ingredients, high definition camera-finish and innovative technology to provide safe products and environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging.


That’s not to say the vintage past no longer has a critical role to play in the modern salon and retail industry. Clients and customers connect with products and brands that stand out because of their histories and stories; and brands seeking a distinctive advantage in the modern marketplace need to tell those authentic stories that illustrate the creative processes behind their end product. Bespoke, artisan, niche – these are no longer confined to the fringes of the marketplace, they are very much part of what is inspiring and driving the modern consumer who, confronted with sameness everywhere, looks to pioneering and unashamedly individual brands to offer real choice.

The worst thing any retailer can do is assume that all clients and customers are the same and are motivated by the same priorities. The beauty of vintage, is that classic timeless style never goes out of fashion.